Marta Prozil

Fascinated by handicraft creations, I started my business in 1986. Since then I started to make my first costumes and embroideries of Viana, among other traditional objects of Viana's handicrafts.

The first contact with customers and the general public was made in 1991, when I opened my first shop in the historical centre of Viana do Castelo, Rua Grande 17.

In addition to the various traditional products that you can find at my shop, I also have done over the years custom work and made-to-measure, responding to the request of many customers.

I invite you to discover this website dedicated to most beautiful and colourful crafts of our folklore, which are produced here.

Certification of Products Marta Prozil

According to the Artisan Statutes and Units of Craft Production, my activities related to Viana embroideries were certificated in 2012.

Adere-Minho - Association for the Development of Minho Region, has awarded my activity with a certificate which authorizes me to sell certificated embroideries of Viana and make use of the brand "Embroidery of Viana do Castelo".

Image of Certificate No. BVC.005.0/ 2014, renovated in 09/02/2014, by the promoter entity: City Council of Viana do Castelo and certifying authority: Adere-Minho: Association for the Development of Minho Region.

Love handkerchiefs or "Fiancés’ Handkerchiefs” were also subject of certification by the same entity, and can be found in my shop.

In 2013 I received the "Chart of Artisanal Production Unit" which acknowledges my activity related with handcrafts.